About T.C.S.C.

What is the Trucking Cartoons and Safety Content Store (T.C.S.C.)?

This is an online content store offering cartoons and safety content specific to the trucking industry. Content includes trucking cartoons, video content, audio content, membership programs, idea forums, and more. All content is related to the trucking industry and can be used as a system or on its own. To learn more visit the website page on how the system works.

Who is the cartoonist behind the store and what do they know about trucking?

You may be surprised who is behind the cartoon and content store, a truck driver! Bruce Bruce OutridgeOutridge has been in the trucking industry for over 30 years. Bruce started in the moving part of the transportation industry at the young age of 17 moving furniture and quickly moved up the ranks as a professional truck driver and owner operator before moving to general freight in the late eighties. Hauling freight across North America followed with regular freight lanes including Texas, Florida, and the Eastern Seaboard. After years driving for various fleets he became the Supervisor for a small fleet with drivers in multiple locations. Since leaving the company in 2006 Bruce’s has used his entrepreneurial spirit to become a freelance trainer in the industry, industry columnist, transportation podcast host, and industry social media expert. He combines all of these talents to create the content for this website to help you have a successful program.

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Since leaving the driver’s seat in 2006 he went full time with his art business that he began in 2003. Bruce has been drawing since the age of ten years old and is still drawing to this day and many of of his cartoons are for publications in the transportation industry. His safety programs have been noted as very engaging and include much of his cartoons and unique content.

Want to learn about Bruce and his career? Find out more by checking out this video as he is interviewed by fellow artist Karlene Bland.

He is now helping you make your safety programs more engaging, fun, and relevant with unique content and information.

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