How does T.C.S.C. work?

How does the Trucking Cartoons and Safety Content (T.C.S.C.) website work?

As a safety trainer I feel your pain. You spend hours putting together a safety presentation to find a week later that not one driver remembers what you said. Or worse you don't have a safety program at all, you know you need one but you struggle to organize and find content. Then there is the seasoned safety professional. You breathe safety, you have been in the trenches for years, and you can see that your team needs guidance. You know what you're looking for but just can't find the content to put together that amazing safety program that you know you can. It's time for this to stop!

All the content is right here for you in a unique form, from an industry veteran that understands what drivers are going through, and how important it is for messages to be delivered in various forms.

This website is your resource for trucking cartoons and safety content. Think of it like your online store for safety. You can buy the cartoons and safety content on an as needed basis, but to be honest that isn’t the best way to get value for this program. The best way to get value from this website is to join as a member and be able to create a safety program specific to your needs on a regular basis. If you are not sure how to put together the perfect program then training is also included as part of of our All Access Membership through the Safety Idea Forum.

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Here is a short video on how the system works


Are you ready? Are you ready to get your safety program going within a matter of minutes? Are you willing to change the way safety training has been delivered for the last 30 years and try something new? Are you ready to have the most unique safety program in the area?

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